Hardware Development Life Cycle

Hardware Designing

Embedded programmers design the hardware & protocol document as per the client requirement.

Hardware Prototyping

Approved hardware design goes for first prototype internally for testing.

Contract Manufacturing

Final approved prototype goes to our approved partner facilities for contractual manufacturing of the hardware.

GPS Wearable Tracker

In-house designed & manufactured GPS-GPRS based wearable tracker. It is India's smallest device manufactured completely in India.

Bin Level Sensor

GSM based Ultrasonic Fill level sensor to monitor the real-time status of Dustbins with a battery back up of 10 years. 

Foul Smell Sensor

Designed to monitor the real-time Foul smell levels of garbage around transfer stations.

BLE Beacons

Low Powered Bluetooth Beacons are designed and manufactured in-house. Such beacons are used for AR based indoor location tracking.

Healthcare IoT Devices

IoMT sensors are designed to monitor the medical equipments used in healthcare industy.

Water Quality IoT Sensor

GPRS based Water Quality sensor designed and manufactured in-house for monitoring the quality of drinking water distributed.