Personal Tracking System

Web & Mobile based Personal tracking System integrated with in-house developed wearable GPS tracker.
Use Cases:
- Kids & Elderly Tracking
- Sanitation Workers Tracking
- Real-time Patient Tracking
- Delivery Boys Tracking

FR based Attendance Application

Facial Recognition based Geo-tagged attendance management application for on-site employees.
Use Case:
- Construction Labors Attendance
- Sanitation Workers Attendance
- Delivery Boys Attendance
- Factory Workers Attendance

Fleet Management Application

GPS-GPRS based Fleet tracking application for varied types of on-field vehicles.
Use Case:
- Supply Chain Management for Logistics companies
- School Bus Monitoring
- Car rental company vehicles
- Delivery bikes tracking

Road Maintenance Monitoring System

Web & Mobile application to monitor the citizen grievances & maintenance of road network.
Use Case:
- National & State Highways new roads construction
- Potholes repair and maintenance
- Citizen Grievances around roads